MOPACT Active Ageing Forum was held last may

It was dedicated to collect ideas and a guidance about innovative ways in Active Ageing.

The MOPACT project (Mobilising the Potential of Active Ageing in Europe), funded by the European Commission´s 7th Framework, celebrated this Forum to asses MOPACT´s interim findings and to collect ideas and guidance about innovative ways to develop the work and maximize its impact.

The project brings together a multidisciplinary team to target the key challenges of ageing across five dimensions of social and economic impact: economic and financial consequences of ageing, societal structures, civil society and cohesion, social support, long-term care and quality of life, the built and technological environment, and health and well-being, biogerontology, and frailty. There will be two events more which will draw key stakeholders into the decision making process for MOPACT.

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