Kick-off Meeting in Ancona (Italy)

Here you have information about the first meeting held in Ancona during 14-15-16th May 2012, where the 15 project partners had the opportunity to meet each others and start working in the INNOVAGE project. First study visit took place during this event

Demographic change is an undeniable reality affecting Europe. The EU Commission published its Third Demographic Report in April 2011. It revealed that the percentage of the EU aged +65 increased from 13,7% in 19990 to 17,4 in 2010. Predictions are that, by 2060, about 30% of the EU population will be aged +65.

Even on average figures, it is impossible ignore the fact that these demographic changes will have a significant social, economic and budgetary consequences. To face efficiently this new challenge, the traditional regional authority systems have to change their governance model, moving towards the Research and Innovation driven cluster model, integrating the fourth helix stakeholders and various related policy areas such as R&D, social and industrial policies to build a more coherent innovation policy perspective.

The INNOVAge project will support the regional authorities to increase the effectiveness of regional development policies in the field of eco-independent living for elderly people through networking, mentoring and clustering activities at regional and interregional level.

During the first meeting in Ancona (14-15-16th May 2012), the 15 project partners had the opportunity to start thinking about a common language and methodology for the new cluster model, to share concrete good practices from i-Live Marche Region cluster.

some partners in the meeting

In particular, during the workshop ““Exploring eco-innovation experiences for user-oriented solutions to improve elderly independent living at home”, Partners have the opportunities to exploring the quadruple helix model and to outline green and user-oriented solutions to improve elderly independent living at home presented by public, private and academic actors.

More than 20 people also join the Study Visit to i-Live Marche Region Cluster on Ambient Independent living & Eco Investing Intelligence Technologies for Independent Eco-sustainability, visiting the HomeLab and Indesit Company and finally the Loccioni Leaf House. In particular HomeLab consortium is based on the idea of creating a network for the development of an "open innovation" model enabling enterprises, universities and research organisations to share experience, know-how and patents for the purpose of fostering a culture of innovation and defining standards for communication and interoperability between products and services in the home.

The Loccioni Leaf House, on the other hand, represents a real showcase and it is in the carbon neutral house energy is entirely produced by renewable sources without CO2 emissions. Leaf House is a technologically innovative house built for the environment. It is a laboratory for new clean energy technologies and a place awakening and educating to the future. Leaf House is composed of six apartments, a real house where real people live house built on the base.

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