Join our INNOVAge webinar!

Implementation of telecare technology from an innovation system perspective.

As knowledge partner in the INNOVAge project, TNO explored the implementation of telecare technology in three regions in the Netherlands. Aim of the research was to introduce a tool for the mapping of telecare technology transfer in an innovation system as a whole and assess its usability by mapping drivers and barriers as experienced in the transfer of a well-known telecare technology. The webinar will be hold on June 25th 2013, from 11.00-12.00 o’clock, with no costs. It´s open to all stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of new smart home technologies (for example policy makers, social housing associations, providers of care and hardware companies).

The webinar will be presented by: Remy van der Vlies (TNO, MSc. PDeng. Working at TNO, Structural Reliability) and Esther Felix (MSc. Working at TNO, Dutch Centre for Health Assets). If you have any question, please contact Esther Felix by sending an email (



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